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Maple provide an extensive range of economical, general-purpose hotplates / stirrers and hotplates.

The ceramic top plate has the advantages of reaching higher temperatures, is chemically resistant and easy to clean.

Our range of products use a microprocessor control, which gives the products a more accurate temperature stability and control from room temperature up to 500°C. The higher temperatures means that your samples will heat up quicker.

All hotplate / stirrers and stirrers have SSC stir control ( soft start control ) , this unique control system helps prevent stir bar disengagement and solution bumping even when the stir control is turned to maximum quickly, coupled with powerful magnet stirring action makes our hotplates one of the best in the market !

All hotplates come with sophisticated safety features: the spill prevention system outer case design , “Hot” status warning and overheated circuit cut off.

All units are supplied with stir bar and mains lead.

All units have a 3 year warranty , supported from our UK service centre .

Technical Specification

SHC-I Ceramic Top Stirrer Hotplate SHC-II Ceramic Top Stirrer Hotplate
Plate Dimension (mm) 160 x 160 300 x 300
Heated Area (mm) 120 x 120 220 x 220
Heated Power (W) 550 1,800
Maximum Plate Temp. (˚C) 550 550
Stirrer Speed (rpm) 100-1500 100-1500
Stirring Capacity, Max (L) 15 15
Dimension (mm, WXLXD) 220 x 240 x 145 330 x 380 x 145
Net Weight (KG) 3.6 8.5
Power Supply 230V, 50Hz 230V, 50Hz

Ordering Information

Part Number Product Description
SHC-01-01 SHC-I Ceramic Top Stirrer Hotplate,
160 x 160mm, 230V 50 Hz
plus VAT

SHC-02-01 SHC-II Ceramic Top Stirrer Hotplate,
300 x 300mm, 230V 50 Hz
plus VAT

SH-AC-01 Retort Rod, 10mm
plus VAT



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