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When you need to repair your water still you need quality UK made parts straight away! Don’t compromise on quality! Choose UK made Pyrex glassware condensers or boilers and hand made UK elements for your replacements to get your Merit or Quickfit water still back up and running fast! We offer:

Spare condenser: Made in the UK from world renowned Pyrex borosilicate glassware this replacement condenser is easily fitted directly to your installed Merit or Quickfit still.

Spare boiler: Is your boiler beyond cleaning or showing signs of strain. Just replace it with a quality UK made Pyrex boiler. Full instructions supplied ready to fit to your Merit or Quickfit water still.

Spare element: Your water still element will last for many hundreds of hours but will eventually fail. Luckily it is easy to replace by our UK made quality element. Full instructions provided.

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C1 Pyrexׇ glass condenser for Stuart Merit / Quickfit water still £265.00
B1 Pyrexׇ glass boiler for Stuart Merit / Quickfit water still £250.00
E1 CE certified element for Stuart Merit / Quickfit water still £250.00
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