Sample concentrator


Sample Concentrator (Gas Blower)

BC 301 AND BC 396

The Concentrator is used to help drying out the large sample volume through blowing the gas (normally nitrogen or other inert gas) into the samples tubes. Combined with the block heater, it can accelerate the concentrate process and often be use used in chemical, biochemical and biological labs.

Maplelab offers two models of Concentrators: BC 301 and BC 396. The BC 301 can be used with many types of conventional tubes in different blocks, but the BC 396 can only be used for the 96X0.2ml block. The stand of the concentrator can use two different gas chamber head.

The Concentrators come with the adjustable valve for controlling the gas pressure and tubing for easily plug into gas source.

The needle guide and protection plate is another important feature for protection of the gas chamber from the corrosive vapors and guiding the needle aligned with the center of the sample vials.

There are two different types of the needles used in the Concentrator: Stainless steel and Teflon coating stainless steel needles which can resist many chemical corrosive vapor.

We provide 3-full years warranty with best service for these products.

Ordering Information

Part Number Product Description
BC-3-01-01 BC 301 Concentrator with complete stand and the gas chamber head without needles
BC-3-96-01 BC 396 Concentrator with complete stand and the gas chamber head for 96X0.2 without needles
BC-3-01-2H BC 301 Gas Chamber Head for the blocks except 96X0.2ml Block.
BC-3-96-2H BC 396 Gas Chamber Head for the 96X0.2ml Block.
BC-3-128-1S Pack of 100 of 128 mm length of stainless needles
BC-3-128-1T Pack of 100 of 128 mm length of Teflon coating stainless needles



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