Rotator, Blood Tube

Rotator, Blood Tube
Maple Scientific offers a digital blood tube rotator , which comes with a  tube holder FREE !!!
( see below for size of tubes and capacity )
Using our leading edge stepper motor control, the RM-3 has a clockwise or counter clockwise direction control , you can also set 120 / 180 / 360 degree clockwise then counter clockwise pulse mode !!!!! Helping with the mixing action. Stepper motors also offer very accurate control of speed and are super quiet.
 The mixing head can be adjusted to any angle from 0° to 180°C for optimum agitation of your sample. Up to 20 tubes can be accommodated.
The RM-3 can be used for biological samples which need a gentle mixing action to help avoid the disruption of the cells, such as blood samples etc.
The mixers can be operated in environment with temperature 4 – 60°C.
The RM-3 is microprocessor controlled , providing a digital timer with up to 9 hours timer settings and speed control in 1 rpm incremental up to 40 rpm. Other size tube holders are available , please contact us with your size requirements.
The RM-3 is supplied either with :
Micro-tube holder, suits 10mm to 11.5mm diameter tubes
2. RM02
Test tube holder, suits 9mm to 20mm diameter tubes
3. RM-03
50ml centrifuge tube holder, 25 – 35 mm diameter


Speed range (rpm) : 2 to 40
Timer (min) : 1 to  540
Operation Mode : Digital Display with pulse forward and backward control 
Operation temp. range (°C ) : 4 to 6o
Dimensions, mm (Wx L x H) : 200 x 270 x 230
Net weight (Kg) : 3.2
Power supply : 230V, 50Hz, 50W


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