Recirculating bath, digital

circulation bath
The temperature inside the bath is controlled very accurately by a digital thermoregulator. The unit will heat, circulate and safely control the temperature of the liquid in the bath giving unrivalled uniformity. The temperature range can be set on 0.1°C increments anywhere from 5°C above ambient up to 150°C.

The powerful heater means that set temperature is reached quickly. A user adjustable over-temperature cut-out ensures no temperature overshoot. The regulator is fitted with a low liquid level cut-out as standard which will automatically cut the power to the heater if the liquid level in the bath falls to low.

There are three sizes to choose from and a lid is provided.

Technical Specification

Model SB5 SB15 SB24
Control Digital Digital Digital
Capacity 5 litres 12 litres 18.5 litres
Temperature accuracy ±0.5˚C ±0.5˚C ±0.5˚C
Temperature range 30 to 69˚C 50 to 69˚C 50 to 69˚C
Ultrasonic power 88W 270W 500W
Heater power 1,300W 1,300W 1,300W
Working space (L x W x D) 160 x 150 x 150mm 190 x 300 x 150mm 360 x 300 x 150mm
Dimensions (L x W x D) 330 x 180 x 370mm 360 x 350 x 370mm 530 x 350 x 370mm


Ordering Information (prices exclude VAT)

Part Number Product Description
SB5 Circulating bath, digital, 5 litre £995.00
SB15 Circulating bath, digital, 12 litre £1095.00
SB24 Circulating bath, digital, 18.5 litre £1395.00
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