Shakers, Orbital, Personal


Shakers, Orbital, Personal
These shakers are ideal for agitation and aeration of flasks and other vessels. The swirling mixing action is created by an orbital shaking action.

Both speed and time can be set via the easy to use control panel.

The shakers have auto-save function which can save the latest set value in rpm and time stage.

The shakers also have an auto-start function: When the shakers turn back on due to power interruption, the shakers will automatically be running back at the previous rpm value and continuously countdown from the previous time value.

Technical Specification

Speed range (rpm) Digital, 30 to 300 at increment of 1 rpm Digital, 30 to 300 at increment of 1 rpm
Motion Orbital Orbital
Time range in each stage 1 – 99 min 59 sec 1 – 99 min 59 sec
Time stages 5 5
Beep at the end of each stage yes yes
Auto-start yes yes
Orbit (mm ) 16 16
Maximum load (Kg) 10 10
Platform (mm) 335 x 335 220 x 220
Dimensions, (mm, W x L x H) 360  x 420  x 270 240  x 300  x 160
Operational temperature (°C ) +4 to +40 +4 to +40
Maximum humidity 80% 80%
CO2 Environment Safe yes yes
Net weight (KG) 11 6
Power supply 230V, 50Hz, 50W 230V, 50Hz, 50W
Ordering Information
Part Number Description
OSL-02-01 Orbital Shaker, Analogue
OSM-02-01 Orbital Shaker, Digital
OSA-02-01 Slip-proof platform, 220 x 220 mm
OSA-02-02 Slip-proof platform, large, 340 x 260 mm
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