Arachno Parallel Synthesis

2019-05-21 10.10.35

arachnoTM is a revolutionary technology that allows the performance of parallel synthetic experiments to be optimised and accelerated so greatly enhancing any chemistry synthetic process.

Revolutionary features of arachnoTM can be summarised as follows:

  • friendly technology: No specific training is required to use this system, it is designed to be simple and intuitive.
  • An effective technology: it simply works! Just select the reaction conditions that your chemistry needs (inert atmosphere, heating, cooling, stirring…), and there will be an arachno configuration for you.
  • low cost technology: the entry level model costs around the same as a standard gas tight syringe, while more sophisticated models less than a stirring plate. Every lab can afford to use arachno

Being an open technology, arachno can be upgraded following any requirements that your science need, now or in the future.

In creating arachno, we have designed a technology that will merge perfectly with the glassware and equipment already present in your lab. At the same time if you want to complete it by adding specific glassware designed to be highly effective, we have an ever increasing series of Upgrade Kits.

For further information on configurations, applications and add on’s available, please visit arachno ( or contact Maple Scientific.

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