Ovens, general purpose

Universal precise Ovens are designed for a whole range of heating and warming applications such as drying and curing. Four sizes are available 80, 120, 240 and 400 litre capacity.

Ovens can be used in laboratories, medicine, and educational institutions.

The temperature is controlled by a highly accurate digital microprocessor which gives great temperature uniformity and stability. Maximum temperature is 300°C. There is built in timer as well as an adjustable safety cut out.

The chamber is constructed from high grade stainless steel which is easy to clean. The shelve can be removed to gain full access to the inner chamber. The highly efficient door construction means that the oven warms up very fast and the outside is cool to the touch. There is an adjustable vent and pre-drilled probes ports.

Technical Specification

Model STF-NR 80 STF-NR120 STF-NR240 STF-NR400
Volume 80 litres 120 litres 240 litres 400 litres
Max no of shelves 7 8 12 15
Temperature accuracy ±2.5˚C ±3.5˚C ±3.5˚C ±4.0˚C
Temperature range 50 to 300˚C 50 to 300˚C 50 to 300˚C 50 to 300˚C
Heater power 1,400W 1,600W 2,600W 3,400W
Internal dimensions (L x W x D) 450 x 400 x 450mm 500 x 470 x 520mm 600 x 500 x 800mm 700 x 580 x 1000mm
External dimensions (L x W x D) 845 x 610 x 675mm 895 x 680 x 740mm 995 x 710 x 1030mm 1095 x 790 x 1230mm

Ordering Information (prices exclude VAT)

Part Number Product Description
STF-NR 80 Oven, digital, 80 litre £999.00
STF-NR 120 Oven, digital, 120 litre £1495.00
STF-NR 240 Oven, digital, 240 litre £1995.00
STF-NR 400 Oven, digital, 400 litre £2495.00
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