Muffle furnaces

Universal precise laboratory chamber furnaces are designed for materials heat treatment, for example ceramics, metals and stoneware. These models are reliable with robust ceramic chamber.  There for four sizes to choose from, 3, 8, 13 or 22 litre capacity.

Muffle Furnaces can be used in laboratories, medicine, educational institutions, ceramic studios, and industrial laboratories as well as hobby craft use. The maximum temperature is 1,100°C.

The temperature is controlled by a highly accurate digital microprocessor which gives great temperature uniformity and stability.

The furnace door opens upwards protecting the user from the heat within the chamber. The elements are automatically cut off when the door is opened for maximum safety

The chamber is constructed from highly efficient vacuumed formed ceramic fibre which means that it heats up and cools down quickly as well as being chemical resistant. The highly efficient heating elements are positioned on all four sides of the chamber for fast warm up and are wound on the outside of the chamber so will never be damaged by fumes from firing certain materials.

Technical Specification

Model FM 3 FM 8 FM 13 FM 22
Volume 3 litres 8 litres 13 litres 22 litres
Heating time 50 mins 50 mins 50 mins 50 mins
Temperature accuracy ±10˚C ±10˚C ±10˚C ±10.0˚C
Max temperature 1,100˚C 1,100˚C 3,000˚C 6,000˚C
Heater power 1,800W 1,800W 2,600W 3,400W
Internal dimensions (L x W x D) 120 x 175 x
200 x 300 x
230 x 350 x
260 x 480 x 145mm
External dimensions (L x W x D) 345 x 500 x
430 mm
440 x 620 x
500 x 670 x
600 x 890 x 620mm

Ordering Information (prices exclude VAT)

Part Number Product Description
FM 3 Muffle furnace, 3 litre £1250.00
FM 8 Muffle furnace, 8 litre £1475.00
FM 13 Muffle furnace, 13 litre £1885.00
FM 22 Muffle furnace, 22 litre £2225.00
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