Shakers, Microplate, Personal


Shakers, Microplate, Personal
Model MMS-2AD and MMS-1D are designed for mixing samples in microplates and small centrifuge tubes. Using a combination of very high speeds and a very small orbit, they create a vibrational mixing suitable for very small volumes.There are two models available:
– The digital model (1D) provides digital timer with up to 9 hours setting and speed control in 1rpm increment.
– The economical analogue 2AD model provides 2-hours timers (in 10 minute integral) and 10 steps speed control

There are a number of platforms are available for microtubes.

Technical Specification

Speed range (rpm) 10 integral selection, 250 to 1250 Digital, 250 to 1250
Motion Orbital Orbital
Timer (min) Digital with LED indicators, 120, step Digital, 540
Orbit (mm ) 0.7 0.7
Maximum load (Kg) 1 1
Platform (mm) 220 x 220 220 x 220
Dimensions, (mm, W x L x H) 240 x 300 x 160 240 x 300 x 160
Operational temperature (°C ) +4 to +40 +4 to +40
Maximum humidity 80% 80%
CO2 Environment compatible Yes Yes
Net weight (Kg) 6 6
Power supply 230V, 50Hz, 50W 230V, 50Hz, 50W
Ordering Information
Part Number Description
MSM-01-01 MMS-2AD Microplate Shaker, Analogue
MSM-01-02 MMS-1D Microplate Shaker, Digital
MSA-02-01 Slip-proof platform, 220 x 220 mm
MSA-02-01 Slip-proof platform, large, 340 x 300 mm
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