Heating mantles, multi position

Mantles are used in chemistry to heat liquids in round bottom flasks. There are multiple positions, ideal for busy laboratories with multiple users or experiments needing different set temperatures ate the same time. The metal case being designed to remain cool when in operation and is easy to clean.

Each heating element and mantle position are double-fused for total safety. In the event of any liquid spillage, the heating mantle automatically cut out to protect the user from the possibility of electric shocks. A retort rod is included for each position.

Heating mantles are manufactured to the highest quality in Europe. Maximum heat transfer to the sample is achieved by having excellent insulation around the cartridge and good coverage for uniform even heating in the entire working space within the flask There are 4 models to choose from:

– Four positions, 250ml flask capacity
– Four positions, 500ml flask capacity
– Six positions, 250ml flask capacity
– Six positions, 500ml flask capacity

Temperature is controllable via an energy regulator up to 350°C.

Technical Specification

Model BE 4-250 BE 4-500 BE 6-250 BE 6-500
Number of positions 4 4 6 6
Flask size 250ml 500ml 250ml 500ml
Temperature accuracy ±5˚C ±5˚C ±5˚C ±5˚C
Temperature range 50 to 350˚C 50 to 350˚C 50 to 350˚C 50 to 350˚C
Heater power 720W 1,000W 1,080W 1,500W
Dimensions (L x W x D) 710 x 300 x 120mm 710 x 300 x 120mm 1060 x 300 x 120mm 1060 x 300 x 120mm


Ordering Information (prices exclude VAT)

Part Number Product Description
BE 4-250 Heating mantle, 4 positions, 250ml £725.00
BE 4-500 Heating mantle, 4 positions, 500ml £845.00
BE 6-250 Heating mantle, 6 positions, 250ml £1095.00
BE 6-500 Heating mantle, 6 positions, 500ml £1195.00
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