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Block heaters are designed for use in Chemical, Biochemical, Clinical and other General Labs for heating, digesting, incubating, concentrating and other heating processes.

There four digital types of Block Heaters. All have higher temperature range (ambient to 200 °C).  All models come with a built in timer making them ideal for COD and BOD applications.

The Maple units are factory calibrated but come with a unique user calibration facility. Calibration can be easily done by using provided plastic screw drive. After calibration, the display will reflect actual sample tubes or block temperature in your working environment.

The BH 602T allows independent temperature setting and control of two blocks,

Various Block inserts can be chosen for different tubes and need to be ordered separately.

When ordered the 96 x 0.2ml block, the two adapters will be added in the order. And 96 x 0.2ml block can only be used in the three blocks modes (BH 603D).

All of the block heaters come with the block removal tool and thermometer ranging from 0 to 200°C.

We provide 3-full years warranty with best service for these products.

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Technical Specification

Model BH-601D BH-602D BH-603D BH-602T
Temperature range.
Ambient to
200 ˚C 200 ˚C 200 ˚C 200 ˚C
Control Digital Digital Digital Digital, Twin Control
Max. block number 1 2 3 2
Temperature stability ±0.1 ˚C ±0.1 ˚C ±0.1 ˚C ±0.1 ˚C
Maximum variety between
identical blocks @ 50 ˚C
±0.2 ˚C ±0.2 ˚C ±0.2 ˚C ±0.2 ˚C
Power supply 230V, 50 Hz
110V, 60 Hz
230V, 50 Hz
110V, 60 Hz
230V, 50 Hz
110V, 60 Hz
230V, 50 Hz
110V, 60 Hz
L x W x H (mm)
285 x 200 x 105 305 x 230 x 105 305 x 300 x 105 305 x 300 x 105

Ordering Information

Part Number Product Description
BH-1-200-1D BH 601D Block Heater, Digital Display, one insert blocks, Ambient to 200°C (require one insert block)
£179.00 plus VAT

BH-2-200-1D BH 602D Block Heater, Digital Display, Two insert blocks, Ambient to 200 °C (require two insert blocks)
£239.00 plus VAT

BH-3-200-1D BH 603D Block Heater, Digital Display, Three insert blocks, Ambient to 200 °C (require three insert blocks)
£359.00 plus VAT

BH-2-200-1T BH 602T Block Heater, Digital Display, Two insert blocks
Ambient to 200 °C, individual control for each block
(require two insert blocks)
£435.00 plus VAT

BH 601D

BH 602D
BH 603D
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