Cooled bath

cooled bath

This innovative bath uses advanced Peltier cooling technology to both heat and cool. This negates the need for expensive and bulky thermoregulars and recirculating coolers which drastically reduce the working space within the bath. As all of the heating and cooling is located beneath the stainless steel tank, a full working capacity of 15 litres is provided but with an exceptionally small foot print of only 450 x 590mm.

Peltier cooling is also much more energy efficient that traditional cooling methods making this the most green refrigerated bath on the market. The bath is fitted with an independent safety thermostat to ensure that there is never any temperature overshoot.

The temperature is digitally set and controlled from 10° to 50°C. Includes a digital timer which can be set to any time up to 99h:59 minutes.

We provide 3-full years warranty supported from our UK service centre.

Technical Specification

Model WB-MC
Control Digital
Capacity 15 litres
Temperature Stability ±0.5˚C
Temperature range 10 to 50˚C
Heating / cooling capacity 350W / 180W
Tank dimensions (L x W x H) 250 x 290 x 200mm
Power Supply 580W, 230V, 50 / 60 Hz

Ordering Information

Part Number Product Description
WB-MC Advanced refrigerated bath, Peltier cooled £2995
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Polycarbonate gabled lid 610.1007.32
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