Cold keeper


Cold Keeper: The safe and convenient alternative to the  laboratory ice bucket
Tired of running to the ice machine??? The Cold Keeper can keep your sample at low temperatures for long periods. No hassle, no contamination, no melting ice to remember to refill . . . !
20 sample compartments in each block, sizes from 0.2ml to 2ml, simply change format of the compartments when you need different sizes. The unit can also use the ceramic-coated beads to accommodate various sample vials at the same time.

There are two models available:
– The CK-I, is an economical analogue device that always keeps your sample at 0˚C
– The CK-II, has a digital display where the temperature can be set anywhere between room temperature and 0°C.

We provide a three-years warranty for this product.

Technical Specification

Temperature Range 0˚C – 4˚C with no adjustment (CK-I); 0˚C to room temp – 5˚C(CK-II)
Temperature Accuracy ±1˚C for CK-II
Cooling Technology Peltier
Power Supply Input 90-230V, 60 W
Dimension, (W x L X H), mm 188 x 188 x 158
Weight (Kg) 2
Ordering Information
Part Number Description
CK-01-01 Model CK-I Cold Keeper, Analogue.
CK-01-02 Model CK-II Cold Keeper, Digital
CK-02-02B Aluminium block, 20 x 0.2 ml
CK-02-05B Aluminium block, 20 x 0.5 ml
CK-02-15B Aluminium block, 20 x 1.5 ml
CK-02-20B Aluminium block, x 2.0 ml
CK-02-CB Aluminium block, 20 x combination (0.2, 0.5, 1.5 and 2 ml)


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