f340 (3)

These platform shaker have a powerful yet quiet shaking mechanism that has been designed for problem free continuous use up to 300rpm and loads up to 10Kg.

Two types of shaking [read more]

shakers, Microtitre plate, Labscale


Shakers, Micro titre plate, Labscale

Model LMS-2AD and LMS-1D are large size of microplates shakers. They combined high speed and a very small orbit to create the mixing requirements for micro [read more]

Shakers, Orbital, Lab scale


Orbital shakers, Labscale, Digital and Analogue

Model LOS-2AD and LOS-1D are shakers which provide a smooth orbital shaking action with an orbit of 16mm and speed range of 30 to 300rpm. [read more]

Shakers, Microplate, Personal


Shakers, Microplate, Personal

Model MMS-2AD and MMS-1D are designed for mixing samples in microplates and small centrifuge tubes. Using a combination of very high speeds and a very small orbit, they create [read more]

Shakers, Orbital, Personal


Shakers, Orbital, Personal

These compact orbital shakers are perfect for delivering a good agitation, mixing and aeration effect on flasks or beakers. Their small footprint makes them perfect for the individual [read more]

Shakers, Orbital, Personal


Shakers, Orbital, Personal

These shakers are ideal for agitation and aeration of flasks and other vessels. The swirling mixing action is created by an orbital shaking action.

Both speed and time can [read more]

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