Rotator, Blood Tube

Blood tube rotator-image001

Rotator, Blood Tube

Maple Scientific offers a digital blood tube rotator , which comes with a  tube holder FREE !!!
( see below for size of tubes and capacity )

Using our leading edge stepper [read more]

Stirrer Hotplates, Overview


Stirrer HotplatesAnalogue and Digital, Large and Small

We provide a variety of stirrer hotplates. Product ranges cover from economic to sophisticated models.All hotplates come with the spill prevention, over heated protection [read more]




We supply a range of stirrers made of different materials.

The stirring is actively controlled by digital sensor through a feedback mechanism. The stirrer speed is keeping unchanged regardless the changes [read more]

Tube Roller Mixers


Tube Roller MixersThe LTR and MTR series

The Tube Roller Mixers mix samples through the simultaneously rolling action of the tubes and the carried vessels (bottles, test tubes etc.). As the [read more]

Vortex mixer, Variable Speed


Vortex Mixer, Variable Speed

The direct drive motor means that this Vortex Mixer is fast and sensitive making it easy to use for the whole day. It is also very quiet.

The [read more]

Vortex Mixer, Basic


Vortex Mixer, Viable Speed

The VM-101S is a compact economical and easy to use Vortex  Mixer.  Touch mode control to 2,800 rpm for quick mix and is also equipped with internal timing [read more]

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