Budget Water Still

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– Easy to install and easy to use
– Reliable operation – proven quality UK components
– High-quality distillate complies to ASTM and ISO standards
– Safe operation – heating element has two built-in safety thermostats
– Easy to clean – no glass dismantling required
– CE marked

Manufactured in the UK by world renowned glassware company Scilabware , the Qstill combines high performance with value for money. Other Water Stills may look similar, but only the QWS4 features a high-quality Pyrex® glass boiler and condenser.

The highly efficient Pyrex® glass coil condenser, is fitted with detachable plastic screw thread connectors which ensures that the distillate is cooled ready for use immediately.

No dismantling required when cleaning. The Pyrex® glass boiler is fitted with a built-in funnel to allow the quick and easy addition of cleaning solutions. Once the cleaning solution has done its job, simply open the GP Rotaflo® PTFE stopcock to drain the solution out of the boiler.

The QWS4 will produce 4 litres / hour of pyrogen free distilled water from its reliable 3kW, UK manufactured, chromium plated heating element.

Technical Specification

Model Qstill1
Output 4 litres / hour
pH of distillate 5.0–6.5
Conductivity 3.0–4.0µS / cm
Resistivity 0.25-0.30 megOhm-cm
Distillate temperature 25 to 35˚C
Input water flow rate requirement 1 Litre / minute
Input water pressure requirement Min pressure 3 p.s.i. (0.207 bar)

Ordering Information (prices exclude VAT)


Code Product Description
Qstill1 Quickfit® glass, UK made budget waterstill £866.00


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